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Scale Armor Supplies Over 75 Covers

We supply in-use covers for more than 75 balance models


Manufacturer Model Scale Armor Part #

Discount Price

Retail Price

A & DGF/GX 200/400/600/GX 200/400/6003691 S1518
A & DGF/GX2000/4000/60003692 S1518
A & DA&D EK 12 A SeriesEK 121518
A & DA&D EK 120/1200 A SeriesEK 1200 A1518
A & DA&D EK 6000 H Series50041518
A & DA&D EK/DEW G Series50001518
A & DA&D EP Series50081518
A & DA&D all FCi and FCsi SeriesFC-0912732
A & DA&D FX Series AllFX 3331518
A & DA&D FYI Series AllFY 2221518
A & DA&D HF 6000/8000 Series50011518
A & DA&D HF 1200/4000 Series50031518
A & DA&D HF 200/400 Series50021518
A & DA&D HP Series50071518
A & DA/D 6000 Series90001518
Denver InstrumentsDenver Instrument XL/XE/XS Series .000343.11518
Denver InstrumentsDenver Instrument XP Series.03661518
Denver InstrumentsDenver Instrument TR Series72041518
MettlerMettler / Toledo AM/MS/UK Series08301719
MettlerMettler Toledo MAG Series1284701518
MettlerMettler / Toledo-PG-s .01/.00113381618
MettlerMettler / Toledo PG-S / .1-1g16431618
MettlerMettler Toledo AT Analytical Series16941518
MettlerMettler Toledo PE Round Pan16951518
MettlerMettler Toledo POE Square Pan1695 S1518
MettlerMettler/Toledo PM/PJ Pound Pan16981518
MettlerMettler PM/ PJ Square Pan Series1698 S1518
MettlerMettler/ Toledo AC/PC Series16991518
MettlerMettler Toledo PC/PE/PM 10 K TO 24 K17002732
MettlerMettler Toledo PG/SR Main Body17011518
MettlerMettler PG/PR Display Series1701 A1518
MettlerMettler SR / SG Display1705 A1518
MettlerMettler/ Toledo SB 8000/1600017182732
MettlerMettler SB 24000/32000 Series17192732
MettlerMettler SR / SG Display1766 A1518
MettlerMettler PR / PG Main Body17671518
MettlerMettler Toledo PB Series (153-303)18411518
MettlerMettler Toledo PB Series (302-3002)18421518
MettlerMettler / Toledo PB 500-800118431518
MettlerMettler AL/PLO Series29701518
MettlerMettler PL-S Series29801618
MettlerMettler XP Display Cover325701719
MettlerMettler Main Body XP 203 S / 8001 S333041719
MettlerMettle XS Series (All)68701619
MettlerMettler / Toledo A54/AB104/AB205 Series81831518
MettlerMettler Toledo BP 602 S / S Series86311518
MettlerMettler Toledo Fits Models AB-S/ABS/PH AB-S Conventional /AB-S/ Fact PB 602 S / 8001 S.8631 a1518
MettlerMettler AE Display Tube Analytical BalanceAE 721145195
MettlerMettler BB Square Pan SeriesBB 03951518
MettlerMettler BB Round Pan SeriesBB 03961518
OhausOhaus Scout ATM Pro Series60711518
OhausOhaus SC Scout Series60721518
OhausOhaus B Old Large 3000g60731518
OhausOhaus B Small 300 g60741518
OhausOhaus GT/E series round pan60771518
OhausOhaus GT / E Square Pan Series6077 S1518
OhausOhaus CT Series60781518
OhausOhaus TVS / TP Series60791518
OhausOhaus Explorer / Voyager Top Loader60801518
OhausOhaus Explorer /Voyager Analytical60811518
OhausOhaus Navigator Series60821518
OhausOhaus Adventurer Series60831518
PrecisaPrecisia Old Type (A Series )38911518
PrecisaPrecisia Low Profile38921518
SartoriusSartorius 1200 Series12451518
SartoriusSartorius BP Round Pan Series338531518
SartoriusSartorius BP Square Pan Series338541518
SartoriusSartorius BP Large Series338551518
SartoriusSartorius PT Series600/121518
SartoriusSartorius 1400 Series702081518
SartoriusSartorius 1500 / E Series702091518
SartoriusSartorius U/B/AL Series702221518
SartoriusSartorius L 2200 Square Pan Series702231518
SartoriusSartorius L 610 ROUND Pan702241518
SartoriusSartorius L 2200 Round Pan Series702261518
SartoriusSartorius BA Round Pan Series702291518
SartoriusSartorius BA Square Pan series70229 S1518
SartoriusSartorius EA / EB Series703001518
SartoriusSartorius PNA Series703011518
SartoriusScale Tech Sartorius Square Pan Series80001518
SartoriusSale Tech Sartorius Round Pan Series80011518
SartoriusSartorius BL Square Pan seriesBL-011518
SartoriusSartorius BL-02 Round Pan SeriesBL-021518
SartoriusSartorius CP Analytical SeriesCP-011518
SartoriusSartorius CP-02 Triangular Pan SeriesCP-021518
SartoriusSartorius CP-03 Square Pan SeriesCP-031518
SartoriusSartorius ED Square Pan SeriesED-011518
SartoriusSartorius ED Round Pan SeriesED-021518
SartoriusSartorius Element SeriesETL 40011518
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